Jennifer Little receives first annual Dotphotozine Award for Excellence in Photography

Jennifer Little, an Oakland, California based photographer, is the recipient of the first annual Dotphotozine Award for Excellence in Photography. Ms. Little won the [...]

A Witness to Loss

As of June 26, 2014, there have been 4,489 American casualties since the U.S. invaded Iraq on the false claims of weapons of mass [...]

A Witness to the Street

David Lykes Keenan left his life in software to work as a street photographer in New York City and Austin, Texas, successfully exhibited his [...]

K.Reatures at Think Tank Gallery

Mise en scene photography is now a well established genre in contemporary art and the major practitioners from Cindy Sherman to Gregory Crewdson to [...]

Society for Photographic Education 51st Annual Conference

From March 5th through March 9th 2014, I attended and presented at the fifty-first Society for Photographic Education (SPE) conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The [...]