Remnants by Victor Campos

Remnants (2015), is an ongoing project of photographing the remains of burned printed media.  I do not consider myself so much an artist, as a mere spectator; an […]

Amy Fichter: Life and Death and Life

Nobody gave Amy Fichter the mission or authority to visit a cemetery on Christmas day or enter abandoned homes in the rural Midwest, and […]

Constructed Masculinity

On display at the De Soto Gallery in Venice, California is a two-person show titled In Position. In it are photographs from Amy Elkins’ […]

Scopophilia and Fatigue: Photo Fairs of L.A.

The definition of Scopophilia is to derive pleasure from looking. The root of the word is Greek, skopeo “look to, examine” and philia, “a […]

Post Mortem Dinner Party

Día de Los Muertos has origins in Mexico and is believed to be the one day a year the dead can visit their loved […]

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