Scopophilia and Fatigue: Photo Fairs of L.A.

The definition of Scopophilia is to derive pleasure from looking. The root of the word is Greek, skopeo “look to, examine” and philia, “a […]

Post Mortem Dinner Party

Día de Los Muertos has origins in Mexico and is believed to be the one day a year the dead can visit their loved […]

In Country, Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan

Jennifer Karady’s exhibition, “In Country, Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan” at the Palm Springs Art Museum, is a very neat and crisp presentation […]

It’s Casual

“It’s Casual”: Jenny Montenegro, Bee Wilkie, Sapira Cheuk, Nate Dubbs, Matthew McMilon All Works: 2014 Dutton Family Gallery, RAFFMA, CSUSB November 6th to December […]

Report from the Medium Festival of Photography

The 2014 Medium Festival of Photography is over and it is time to reflect on my weekend in San Diego. I didn’t know what […]

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