Corrugated Space: Architecture of the Unbuilt World- Photography by Steve King

Steve King’s exhibition, Corrugated Space at the CBU Gallery in Riverside, CA, is a simple, minimal installation, with large prints attached to a piece […]

Sant Khalsa and Mark Klett named SPE West and Southwest 2015 Honored Educators

Photo Artists Sant Khalsa and Mark Klett to be honored at the SPE West / Southwest Regional Conference in Joshua Tree Sant Khalsa, Professor […]

Markers of Life: “Alluvium” by Timothy Ringsmuth

Timothy Ringsmuth’s mixed media installation Alluvium (2014) is a thought provoking composition that explores the transience of life and time, as well as contrasting […]

Carlos A. Garcia- Portfolio and Apology

Carlos A. Garcia is acutely attuned to light, space and form, making photographs that are carefully composed, edited and printed, so it is particularly […]

Finalists for the 2016 Dotphotozine Award for Excellence in Photograph

By now you probably know that Tom Kiefer is the recipient of the 2016 Dotphotozine Award for Excellence in Photography. What you don’t know […]

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    People and places – that sums up one’s life experiences. It sounds like a little thing but it is the opposite. The journey is […]